qamble funding & entertainment

Multiplies luck rapidly!

qamble Entertainment is an investment company based in London. qamble Entertainment is a company of Photar Technology Ventures in Switzerland. Since 1982, Photar has been successful in developing video games and other technology ventures for the US market. Today, Photar Technology Ventures is a Venture Capital company in technology ventures.

Unfortunately, Photar, did not reach the full potential of their games branch. With the arrival of the new owner this has changed. He saw the great potential worldwide of online gaming and gambling, and has invested severe in the development of online and mobile gaming and gambling entertainment and set up a.o. qamble Entertainment.

At qamble Entertainment we fund online and mobile gaming and gambling entertainment. We fund companies that create, operate and/or market online and mobile games and premium online casino games, mostly with a mix of free-to-play and real-money games.

We also provide gaming and gambling entertainment on various platforms.

Online gaming and gambling is a fast emerging market and we like to be close to the most innovative and dynamic operators in this space.

Our online and mobile gaming & gambling platforms